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The Top 100 Bloggers of 2013: Ten Niches, Ten Bloggers!


Welcome to this compilation of the top 100 bloggers of 2013! I’m going to go through ten separate categories and take a quick look at all the best and brightest from those markets. Ranging from health and fitness to SEO and internet marketing, there’s a lot of fantastic bloggers. This list won’t be the be-all and end-all of the ultimate blogging enthusiasts, but it will feature many bloggers who have stood out and are pretty recognisable in their respective niches.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Top 10 Social Media/Internet Marketing Bloggers


Mike Wallagher – Jeff Bullas is a very popular social media blogger, who runs a popular blog all about social media and online market (bet you weren’t expecting that!. Not only that, he also talks SEO and content marketing.

Jason Keath – Jason founded Social Fresh, a social media company that has grown exponentially since its inception back in 2008. Jason has singlehandedly brought Social Fresh into the limelight, which hosts various conferences and has a wonderful blog packed with tips and interesting content.

Kim Garst ­– Kim runs both a personal blog as well as Boom! Social, both of them her own creations. Coming up from quiet rural beginnings, Kim has hand highs and lows, but has seen huge success in recent years especially in the social network arena. She’s definitely a blogger to keep an eye on!

Danny Brown – Recognized by HubSpot as the #1 marketing blog in the world, it might be worth listening to what Danny has to say when it comes to Internet Marketing. Working for OLG, he’s helped them to build a huge social media presence for their iGaming division – a clever chap indeed.

Ian Cleary – Ian has created a social media site by the name of Razor Social, which dives into all aspects social media, including management, automation, content marketing, analytics and more.

Stanford Smith ­– Mr. Smith is the founder of Pushing Social, a gem of a site when it comes to learning how to use content marketing and social media to get a buzz going around your business. Stan doesn’t just stop there – he also provides help with WordPress, how to create a great looking blog and more.

Heidi Cohen – Heidi has a blog with the same name, where she shares all her awesome marketing and social media expertise and advice. A simply designed site, it’s clear that Heidi is focus on one thing and one thing only – solid marketing and social media tips. Pay attention to Heidi – she’s one to listen to if you’re serious about your marketing.

Jamie Turner – 60 Second Marketer is founded by Jamie, who has appeared on CNN, Inc., Mashable, Social Media Examiner and other notable sites, due to his sound social media and mobile marketing advice. While the sites’ theme is about as plain as it could be, the content is packed full of tips, advice and knowledge.

Prasant Naidu – Lighthouse Insights is an Indian-based social media marketing site, founded by Prasant. It houses all manner of social media resources and knowledge, with insights into the social media scene, campaigns, interviews, trends and much more. Lighthouse Insights is certainly a website you’ll want to bookmark and keep coming back to.

Jon Loomer- Jon has quickly become a Facebook marketing guru. Running, Jon provides all manner of fantastic insights on how to make Facebook a profitable and enjoyable marketing venture. He also offers one-on-one coaching and training courses if you’re looking to take it up a notch.

Top 10 SEO Bloggers


Brian Dean – Brian started Backlinko in order to provide readers with helpful insights into the SEO world. With all the shakeups over the past few years with Google’s algorithms, Brian has helped many readers and clients to rank their sites on Google’s much sought-after front page.

Michael Martinez – A little website by the name of SEO Theory is run by a guy called Michael. And Michael knows his stuff. From humble beginnings, Michael has been building and promoting sites since the early days of the internet (1996 to be exact). SEO Theory is Michael’s attempt to help readers not just to rank their sites, but to understand how and why they rank.

Matt Cutts – Matt is a Google employee, so of course you’d expect him to know a little something about SEO and getting noticed on the web. Matt knows what it takes to rank a site on Google, and he made a blog using his own name to help others to do the same. He provides insights into many other things, but SEO is his primary focus.

Michael Gray – Michael runs a blog by the name of, a blog that Michael use to ‘rant about SEO, the internet and media’ (his own words). It’s very quickly apparent that Michael is here to help; every link on the front page is either a ‘How-to’ or a ‘Why you should’; what’s more, the headlines are engaging and interesting. Add to that his expertise when it comes to SEO and his notoriety for his SEO knowledge and you have someone who deserves a spot on this list.

Vladmir Prelovac – Vladmir owns a site by the name of, a site where he instructs and advises people on all things SEO and WordPress. Vladmir got his start with a small company that he managed to bring up to a million dollars of revenue in just one year. He now spends much of his time creating products, piloting planes, being a successful entrepreneur – oh, and travelling two months out of every year. Very impressive.

Lee Odden – Lee and his partner Susan run a blog called Top Rank Blog – any guesses why? That’s right – Lee is a genius when it comes to SEO, especially when it comes to social aspects and even marketing efforts. Between them, they share info on all things SEO-focused, and boy is it good stuff. Take a look!

John Doherty – John runs a simple site in a corner of the web, where he not only helps shed light on all things SEO, but even shares adventures with us, as he’s also a travelling photographer! If you love what he does, you can hire him to speak at an event, so he can also ‘wow’ your colleagues!

Jennifer Sable Lopez – Jen’s a kind-hearted woman. While she does offer stellar advice on SEO and Internet Marketing (and how to wield those forces), she also blogs on her family and her private life. It’s refreshing to see a real person behind the screen, and not just another faceless drone on autopilot (or so many bloggers seem!). Check Jen out if you’re looking for SEO expertise with a personal touch.

Danny Sullivan – Danny owns a blog called Daggle – yes it’s a weird name indeed – where he uncovers the inner workings of SEO and many other things. Danny strays often from SEO and marketing however, going on rants about technology, news sites, and anything else he stumbles upon. Danny’s definitely one of those bloggers with sincere personality.

Rand Fishkin – Rand is very well known in the internet marketing/SEO space. Owner of what was once SEOMoz, now called Moz, Rand runs Moz which is packed full of helpful blogs, services and learning options for SEO. Rand has built Moz from the ground-up, into a hugely popular platform that I’m sure you’ll love.


Top 10 Fashion Bloggers


Tavi Gevinson – Tavi runs, a website focused on teenage female fashion, and boy does she do it well. With a simple layout, it clear that Tavi’s focus is on the content. With a great head for fashion, Tavi also comments on topics such as films, popular events and more. Still, it all seems to tie nicely into the whole fashion sphere – a very informative and interesting blog to check out if you’re very into fashion.

Diya Liu – Diya runs a lovely blog on Fashion Click, hosted on Teen Vogue. While she’s been active for over 6 months now, there’s so incredible blog posts to peruse in her absence – a treasure trove of advice and beautiful pictures awaits those who wish to stray into Diya’s wardrobe-conscious blog. Enjoy! And if you finish all her posts, have a look around Teen Vogue – there’s plenty of fashion bloggers to keep you happy!

The Sartorialist (AKA Scott Shuman) – Scott has worked with Burberry, modelled for Gap, and even published a book. So I think he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to fashion. He runs a blog called The Sartorialist, where he posts very minimalistic blog posts about fashion for both genders – in fact most of them are just pictures. Still, it’s fantastic photography, and Scott gets people talking. And isn’t that what blogging is all about?

Susanna Lau – Susanna writes all her fashion scribbles on Style Bubble, hosted on With a stunning array of pictures, and plenty of writing to get inside her head, Susanna provides everything you could want out of a fashion blog. With an engaging tone and great photos to boot, you’re going to be sticking around to see what she has to say.

David Fischer – David runs, a blog where streetwear is the focus. With a vast interest into trainers, limited-edition t-shirt styles and niche brands, there’s something unique and different to find here. While many bloggers focus on general upcoming styles and popular fashion trends, David focuses on the more alternative look, to bring something fresh to the scene. And I like it!

Mikael Colville-Andersen­ – Mikael is something different in the fashion sphere – he loves bikes. Designers are starting to produce their own veeery expensive bicycles, and there has been a rise in bike-centric apparel. Running Cycle Chic since 2007, Mikael has focused not just on beautiful bikes, but also the clothes you can wear while riding them – why shouldn’t you look good when you sweat?

Jessica Morgan & Heather Cocks – starting on, Jess and Heather have moved their site GoFugYourself onto their own domain – and boy are they doing well. The pair created the site back in 2004, where they poke fun at celebrities’ outfits in light-hearted fun. As a result, they now have a huge loyal following. It’s safe to say these two are doing well.

Leandra Medine – Leandra runs The Man Repeller – I’m not too sure about the title – where her beautifully unique take on the fashion world is highly engaging and definitely worth a read. Her blog title comes from the kind of style she seems to adore, and it’s refreshing to see something new. Go have a look and see what you think.

Bryan Grey Yambao (AKA Bryan Boy) – Bryan lives in NY, and was originally from the Phillipines. Arguably one of our most high profile bloggers here, Bryan sports a place on America’s Next Top Model as a judge, while also enjoying a great twitter following and of course, his blog followers!

Emily Schuman – Emily’s not just a one trick pony – she also blogs about DIY and food on her blog, She lives in LA, and has a wonderfully friendly way of blogging that keeps our attention strong, and a loyal following.

Top 10 Gaming Bloggers


GamePeople ­– Not just one blogger, per se, this is a wonderful blog. Instead of having the same old reviews written by people who have spent vast expanses of time playing games, this site seeks to have people who aren’t game-savvy, and to review their experiences. It’s safe to say that this is a very original and interesting idea, and warrants a look.

Hideo Kojima – Ah, the infamous Hideo – the guy who made Metal Gear Solid the huge franchise it is today. With a mix of news, video game music, video content and more, Hideo’s site is packed with interesting content. Be sure to check it out if you’re a Metal Gear fan (if you haven’t already) – you won’t leave disappointed.

Charles Lees-Czerkawski – Granted, his name reminds us of Assassin’s Creed III, this blogger is no foul templar. Running a site by the name of Critical Distance, Charles provides insights into the gaming world with popular posts like his ‘This week in video games’ series. If you’re looking for something more than the standard ‘here’s a new game – go watch some gameplay’ type rubbish, Critical Distance has the type of content you’re looking for.

Britt (AKA BlondeNerd) – Self dubbed BlondeNerd gamer girl Britt loves games; which is why she started her gaming blog site Packed full of reviews, news and wonderful content, Britt attracts plenty of attention not just because of her looks but also due to her genuine appreciation for all things games.

IndieGames – Another website without a single figurehead, this blog focus particularly on indie games (games that aren’t mainstream, for those of you who are unaware of the term indie). With regular content, and a small but dedicated team of writers, this blog gets thumbs up from me.

That Video Game Blog – Expect this section to be full of small teams rather than individuals. TVGB is run by a small tight team who all have a massive passion when it comes to video games. Whether it’s the classics like Mario or Zelda, or the newer games such as Skyrim, this team love playing games. Definitely give them a look if gaming’s also your thing.

Houston Gamer/Willie Jefferson – Part of the blog from Chron, you can find Willie’s blog here ( Not only doe Willie provide you with news and exciting happenings in the gaming industry (such as the new and very much anticipated PS Now), he also provides plenty of informative and engaging pieces on specific games, consoles and more.

Video Gamer – A small team of 12 guys run this whole site, where they provide news, reviews, videos and much much more all over their site. They often do live streams of their gaming antics, offer podcasts and other forms of media. There’s even a forum if you want to speak with other people. Interestingly, if you head to their ‘Staff’ section, you can see the team but more awesome still, you can see a little ring around each profile detailing their favourite game types/genres…cool!

Atomic Gamer – Four guys who all love video games congregate here to share news, information, articles and more on their favourite games, consoles and more. With a simple design and layout, you’ll find everything gaming-related you’ll ever need. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the nerdiness!

Hooked Gamers – With a focus on PC gaming, Hooked Gamers provides a ton of interesting and engaging content to sink your teeth into. The guys at Hooked Gamer review both indie and AAA titles, giving a great view of what’s on offer. Not only that, but if you’re looking for more than just a blog, you can find tips, cheats, tech news, screen shots and even some forums to dive into.

Top 10 Mommy Bloggers


Rebecca Woolf  – Rebecca resides at Girl’s Gone Child, where she shares her awesome personality through her blog posts, which consist of various topics, including cooking and recipes, books and more.

Jenny Lawson – Jenny is also known as The Bloggess, a personal blog where she shares a razor-sharp wit in each and every blog post, showing us that having children doesn’t mean you can’t have a little ‘kick’ in your personality!

Catherine Connors – Her Bad Mother is where Catherine shares her awfully funny life stories about her and her children, along with some fantastic photography.

Heather Armstrong – Heather runs Dooce, a personal blog that’s been going for over a decade now. Heather shares her day to day life with us, as she manages her two daughters and two dogs.

Laura Mayes – is where Laura finds time to blog about her mommy activities and goings-on. With some fantastic photography and an enchanting writing style, there’s a lot to love about Laura.

Tanis Miller – Not quite as well known as some of the other mommy bloggers, Tanis spends her time sharing awesome and amusing stories with us about her kids and her life.

Jamie Lynne Grumet – I Am Not The Babysitter; this is the wickedly wonderful title of Jamie’s blog, where she writes about her experiences as a mother of two sons, one of who is adopted from Ethiopia. She often writes about things like home-schooling and other important lifestyle choices.

Piera Jolly – Piera is the writer behind Jolly Mom, one of the snazziest and most well-designed blogs I’ve seen yet. She tends to write about arts and crafts, delicious recipes and product reviews.

Dinah Wulf – Dinah is a work-from-home mom that simply loves DIY, and is proving that it’s not just men that can use power tools. She often crafts, decorates, repurposes and creates brand new things, in between caring for her young daughter. Awesome!

Marcie Wahrer – Marcie is a stay-at-home mom who writes about her three children on her blog, Obviously Marvelous. The coolest thing about Marcie is her tendency to set public challenges for herself and her family, then updates her readers on her progress.

Top 10 Blogging Bloggers


Marko Saric – Marko runs a gem of a blog, where he helps people realise their blogging dreams. A beautifully simple layout, and a passion for both helping people and creating fantastic blog posts, Marko has what it takes to push people to the next level of blogging.

Darren Rowse – Darren started ProBlogger back in 2004, which offers incredible advice on how to make a successful and thriving blog. Whether it’s content, SEO, or design, Darren has it covered.

Brian Clark – I’m sure you’ve already heard of Brian, or if not, his very successful site, Copyblogger. It’s one of the top blogs for writers and those seeking to write successful blogs. They have resources galore, so check it out.

Zac Johnson – Zac runs a site originally ran by his friend Kevin Muldoon, called Blogging Tips – pretty obvious what Zac blogs about, huh? Zac has a strong team behind him, and they shed light on all things blogging.

Daniel Scocco – Daniel runs DailyBlogTips, another site whose purpose is obvious. Daniel and his team share facts, advice and killer tips on how to make blogging a breeze, and to get you at the forefront of your blogosphere.

Michelle Shaeffer – Learn to blog for business. That’s Michelle’s site’s motto. Divided simply into steps, such as ‘How to start a blog’, Michelle takes the whole blogging thing step by step, so you can quickly and easily understand what it takes to set up and maintain a successful blog.

For Bloggers, By Bloggers – A small team of three run this site; Joey, sarah and Brankica all invest time and expertise into building a wildly successful blog that helps both beginners and advanced bloggers get the most out of their blog.

Syed Balkhi – Syed started WPBeginner back in July 2009, where, you guessed it, he shares tips and advice on how to maximise your WordPress blogs’ impact and exposure. This is a great resource for those of you who use WP as your primary blogging platform.

Ileane Smith – Ileane runs Basic Blog Tips, a fantastic site where she provides all manner of blogging tutorials. Whether you’re new to blogging, or you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll find something you didn’t know before. Oh, and Ileane also teaches you how to optimize your social media efforts, and even how to make Youtube videos!

Write to Done – Originally founded by Leo Babauta, the brainchild of Zen Habits, Mary Jaksch now runs it, and she’s doing a terrific job. Not just about blogging tips, write to done is more a blog about any kind of writing. Whether you’re a copywriter or a journalist, there’s something for everyone here.


Top 10 Copywriting Bloggers


Ben Settle – Ben is a big name in the world of copywriting, and especially in email marketing. Bringing out a blog regularly, Ben shares the ultimate tips and advice with his followers on how to achieve fantastic results when it comes to writing copy.

Seth Godin – Seth loves to blog. It’s in his blood. He also loves to write copy (and books!). Seth’s a writer, simply put. Seth has written highly successful books about marketing and how to use copy to make money, and his genius spills out onto the pages of his blog. Check it out if you want to see some stellar writing (and learn a thing or two about copywriting!)

Amy Harrison – Amy is a fantastic copywriter, and runs a blog using her own name to share tips, tricks and tactics to help others write better copy. She even provides a free guide (among countless other resources) on helping you get a good sales page done.

Jeff Sexton – Jeff is a copywriting genius. Jeff doesn’t skim the surface of how to write great copy – he dives right in. His site may not be the prettiest, but it sure as hell provides great insight and knowledge on the art of writing copy.

John Carlton – How could I not include John on this list; John is renowned for his incredibly successful ad in the golf niche, and though he’s scaled back his copywriting career, he maintains a blog called The Rant, where he…well, rants about copy and marketing!

Gary Bencivenga – Gary no longer maintains, but it’s an incredible resource for those of us wishing to improve our copy and marketing efforts. 29 short, sweet and simple posts, Gary provides insight on what it takes to write great copy.

Gary Halbert – Though Gary is gone, he lives on. Considered one of the best copywriting minds ever, provides a huge archive of Gary’s writings ranging from his rants to profound insight and advice into the world of copywriting. He will be sorely missed!

Heather Lloyd-Martin – Heather runs, a copywriting blog where she teaches people how to write articles, blog posts and more, with an SEO-focused approach. After all, if no one sees your copy, how do you expect to sell anything!?

James Chartrand – Martin runs, a brilliant site where you can learn about copywriting, web design and more. He specialises in web design, copy and eBooks, and is definitely a voice to listen to when it comes to learning how to produce great copy.

Carol Tice – Carol lives in Seattle, and runs a blog called Make A Living Writing. Started in 2008, Carol started writing this blog because she was sick of the ‘content mills’ where writers were paid a pittance for their work. Her goal was to show other writers that they can and should be paid what they’re worth. I think she achieved her aim!

Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Rachel ‘Vagabond’ Baker – Rachel and her partner up and quit their jobs back in 2007 to pursue a life of wonder and adventure, backpacking across the globe. They spent 15 months touring the world, and haven’t stopped since. They’ve even got a van/caravan now!

Virginia Stuart-Taylor – An avid postcard collector, Virginia collects postcards the way children collect Pokémon cards (or whatever the trend is these days). Her blog, The Well-Travelled Postcard acts as a virtual gallery for her travels.

Justin M. – Justin is an Aussie living in London. With only his weekends to spare for travel, he documents his adventures to Europe on his blog 48 hour Adventure. This is something unique and new, which is always refreshing. Check it out!

Frankie Thompson – In October of 2011, Frankie quit her job in London to go travelling with her partner. The thing is, she’s still travelling and loving it. You can find her travel writings at

VickyFlipFlop – Vicky can’t give up her day job, and often dreams of spending months in South America, and travelling to Bangkok to have adventures. She balances these two facts by fitting travel in around her job, and blogs about her experiences at

Lee Abbamonte – Lee is the first American to have visited every country in the world. Lucky guy; so it’s safe to say he’s knowledgeable about travelling, and someone you should look into if you want to learn more about places you’d like to travel to.

Paul Steele & Cindy Vriend – Paul and Cindy travel across Europe and the UK, using their blog,, to document their travels. Paul and Cindy travel less to popular and exotic locations, and more to natural and remote locations; some of their photography is beautiful!

Anil Polat – Anil is a techy traveller. If you want to know how to use a cell phone on the cheap in foreign countries, or get past blocks in places like China, Anil’s your man.

Johnny Vagabond – Renowned for his stunning photography, Johnny has plenty of interesting stories to share over at Read about how he got into a poker scam in Vietnam, or check out some of the stunning photos he’s taken – such as those of the Ganges River.

Daniel Nahabedian – If you’re looking for the best travel photography, Dan’s the man. His blog, Canvas of Light, is jam-packed full of stunning photos of exotic locations.


Top Ten Health & Fitness Bloggers


Cathe Friedrich – Cathe runs a blog, simply title This is where she shares all her expertise on working out, nutrition and more.

Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead – Jenny and Erin launched Fit-Bottomed Girls back in 2007, where they’ve been blogging about fitness, workouts, nutrition, motivation, music and the hottest fitness news ever since.

Steve Kamb – Steve runs NerdFitness; it’s called that due to Steve’s obsession with superheroes; beware of all the Lego figurines that appear. Steve’s goal is to unify the ‘jock’ and the ‘nerd’ lifestyles and play video games with a rockin’ six pack.

Tara Parker-Pope – Tara runs a blog on The New York Times, located at, where she focuses not just a fitness but also on general health. She tackles subjects such as fungal infections, the question of how long a meal takes to be digested, and other interesting tidbits.

Dr. Andrew Weil – Dr. Weil runs, where he tackles all aspects of health, offering daily health tips and covering important science and supplement news, among other things.

Robb Wolf – Robb runs a website, called, where he focuses solely on the renowned Paleo diet. With a blog, a podcast and a forum, if you’re looking into Paleo, Robb’s your man.

Ross Enamait – Ross is a beast, to put it simply. He runs a site by the name of where he talks about bodybuilding and strength training. Ross is very old-school, using tyres, loaded up barbells, and chin-up bars. No fancy resistance machines for this man!

Adam Bornstein – Adam runs a very fancy blog, called BornFitness, where he shares all manner of fitness, exercise and nutrition info and tips to aid us mere mortals on our quest for abs.

Brian Call – Brian loves yoga; it’s virtually all he blogs about at Daily Cup of Yoga. Well, I guess there are the sections on meditation, gear and tech, along with other goodies. If yoga’s your thing, talk to Brian.

Jason Fitzgerald – Jason runs, a site where those who love running (both long and short distance) learn how to improve their times, increase their body strength and more.

Top 10 Technology Bloggers

Thomas Ricker – Thomas Ricker is somewhat of a mystery; in fact, that may not even be his real name. What I do know is that he’s one of the most awesome tech bloggers out there, and has made many contributions to the huge tech blog, Engadget.

Om Malik – Om’s story is an inspiring one. He was raised in New Delhi, and emigrated to the US in 1986, where he eventually made his fortune online. He was part of the original team behind, but now spends his time at the tech blog, GigaOM.

Eric Savitz – Eric spends his time spreading and sharing news on the tech industry over at his Tech Trader Daily blog, with a very businesslike twist on the industry.

Mark Evans – While the previous three bloggers have been Americans, Mark hails from Canada, where he shares his take on tech via his blog, Mark Evans Tech. Not only interested in tech, Mark shares his interest in social media and marketing.

Kara Swisher – Women love tech too, as Kara proves on her blog Boom Town Blog. She’s also recognized for her part as a the host of the All Things Digital conference, which has hosted notable people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Michael Masnick – Michael blogs about tech on his blog, Techdirt, which has been running since 1997 and is now considered one of the most widely read tech blogs on the web. Interestingly enough, Michael was also the person to the coin the term ‘The Streisand Effect’.

Henry Blodget – Henry runs Silicon Alley Insider, a blog about internet business trends and tech news. Blodget predicted that Amazon’s stock would hit $400+ back in the 90’s, so it might be worth paying attention to what Henry has to say when it comes to tech predictions!

Marshall Kirkpatrick – I’m not sure if Marshall has blood running through his veins, or battery fluid. Whatever it is, it works very well; Marshall started out as the lead blogger for TechCrunch back in 2006, and today is the VP of content development over at ReadWriteWeb, a web tech blog launched in 2003.

Larry Dignan – Larry is currently the editor of ZDNet, and editorial director of TechRepublic. Getting his start in, Larry has come a very long way since the 90’s, and offers some of the most professional writing on tech you can find today.

Michael Arrington – You’ve probably heard Michael’s name if you’ve been in the tech-sphere for long enough; he’s the founder of TechCrunch, the most widely known tech site on the internet. Interestingly, he was also one of the key guys involved in the rise of Web 2.0, before it got popular.

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